Padel courts projects tailored to your needs.The careful design, the high quality and our careful customer service throughout the process, from the first commercial contact to after-sales service, makes investing in Padel Galis paddle courts a guarantee of success for your project.

Special Edition Court

The ultra panoramic court par excellence.

Minimalist court model distinguished mainly by the absence of corner pillars. This uniqueness maximizes the visibility of the spectators’ game from different angles without any visual obstacle. Its design, characterized by a totally panoramic glazing, gives it an exceptional aesthetic, providing a feeling of openness and connection with the environment.

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Wilson Elite Court

The official court of the No. 1 brand in racquet sports.

The WILSON ELITE court emerges as the union between two companies passionate about promoting paddle at a global level. Its corner pillars provide high strength and increased visibility. Its design is characterized by the incorporation of several Wilson customizations, as well as gloss paint finishes and the inclusion of premium lighting such as Galis 420 LEDs.

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M360 Court

Elegant and simple: that’s what this panoramic court looks like.

This model is an evolution of our Mundial model and stands out for its slim and rounded corner pillar. Its structure manages to combine strength with elegance in an exceptional way, with the objective of broadening the vision of the game.

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PPA Court

The perfect outdoor players’ court.

The Professional Padel Association (PPA) has relied on our experience to develop together with the Padel Galis team its official court. The professional players have contributed their vision and experience on the field to carry out the real “players’ court”.

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Simply: The players’ track.

Padel Galis and the Professional Padel Association (PPA) have joined forces for the creation of the new PPA padel court. Its distinguishing feature is the innovative perimeter light that guarantees optimal vision, achieving greater homogeneity of illumination, as well as a reduction in energy consumption that can reach up to 50%. In addition, we highlight the detail of a custom space in the posts to store the balls as well as the particularity of not having mesh covers while maintaining the safety of the players. The PPA track is optimal for outdoor projects.

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World Court

The panoramic court that will never go out of fashion.

Our classic model is distinguished by its uniform and simple design, fusing straight lines with great resistance thanks to its robust corner pillars. Perfect for any type of environment, it makes it the most versatile court.

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Hurricane Court

The perfect court in adverse weather conditions.

It is a court designed to respond to the most challenging weather conditions and withstand the most intense wind gusts. Its solid structure is characterized by a sturdy pillar at the rear of the court, allowing the court to withstand winds of up to 260 km/h (160 mph). This pillar can be personalized with the logo or name of the club.

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Our portable court kit allows the ‘ad hoc’ assembly of paddle courts and is perfect for events, as it can be installed temporarily on different surfaces without leaving any marks on them.

It is ideal for the installation of temporary courts, since its assembly does not affect the surface on which it is erected by means of counterweights. It is compatible with our WPT Special Edition, WPT Challenger, Wilson Elite, Ultrapanoramic and Mundial models.