Fernando Belasteguín and Wilson, strategic partners of Padel Galis

Published On: 10/01/2022|Categories: Courts|

During the World Padel Tour Madrid Master Final at the end of 2021, Padel Galis presented its strategic partners, the player Fernando Belasteguín and the sports brand Wilson, along with a new image and business philosophy centred around the use of technology to reduce court production times and improve the purchasing experience for clients.

Padel Galis, world leader in the installation and manufacture of padel tennis courts, presented its new strategic plan during the WPT Madrid Master Final 2021. The plan’s central axis involves the formation of strategic partnerships with “padel greats such as Fernando Belasteguín and Wilson,” complemented by a firm commitment to the use of technology.

Present at the event were Galis World Group CEO, Francisco Pérez Galisteo and Director of Organisation, Óscar Miguel; Wilson Padel’s Business Director, Ignacio Cabrera; and 16-time world padel champion, Fernando Belasteguín, a.k.a. ‘Bela’.

Wilson was presented as the strategic partner who will support Padel Galis in its plans for growth within the United States. With over 100 years of history, Wilson recently entered the world of padel hand in hand with Belasteguín, and came to the agreement in the common goal of making padel a transformative force in society. “Our mission to empower each and every individual to live like an athlete – in this case, as a padel tennis player,” affirms Ignacio Cabrer. “We want to make padel a leading sport worldwide, with the goal of reaching 100 million players in 2030 and becoming an Olympic sport in 2028.”

Fernando Belasteguín thanked Wilson for the confidence they had shown in him, and highlighted the significance of Padel Galis’s decision to include a player in matters pertaining to industry development – an area which can remain alien to the athletes themselves.

In response, Fran Galisteo remarked: “We are always striving to design and innovate, and strategic partnerships like those with ‘Bela’ and Wilson will help us guarantee that padel tennis continues to grow as a sport.” Changes in company philosophy have thus led to significant transformation. Padel Galis changed its logo, opting for a symbol embodying growth, self-improvement, safety, resistance and flexibility. “A logo which is more definitive and better represents what we do, also ensuring greater brand recognition,” Galisteo commented.

The new factory in Valencia “will make it possible to manufacture 20 courts a day, and reduce delivery times to 2 to 3 weeks, a challenge we set ourselves in 2022.” In both cases, production is automated, new approaches to modelling have been adopted to facilitate logistics, and all products are tracked globally with the aim of increasing efficiency and competitiveness.

Since last year, the company has also made a firm commitment to new technologies (ERP, court design software, new website, CRM, serial numbers, etc.), “aimed at improving customer service and the quality of our clients’ purchasing experience.” The new ERP “treats each client separately, since each is different and has their own particular requirements. It helps us incorporate feedback about their needs, and tailor what we offer to what they really want,” explained Óscar Miguel. One example of this is the court design tool incorporated in the new company website, which offers Padel Galis clients the chance to explore all possible configurations and identify that which best suits their requirements.