Padel Galis and the PPA will design and develop a new court model

Published On: 02/02/2023|Categories: Courts, News|

The players of the Professional Padel Association will be the ones who, based on their experience, will advise Padel Galis on the creation of a new court and a new official PPA turf.

A few weeks ago, the world leader in the design, manufacture and installation of Padel Galis courts and the Professional Padel Association (PPA) reached an agreement to collaborate in the design, development and manufacture of a new court and turf.

In fact, it will be the players of the association themselves who will advise the Valencian company on the creation of the new court model and type of turf, which will be considered as official PPA.

According to Alejandro Galán, president of the professional players’ association, “Padel Galis is a leading company and a benchmark in the design, manufacture and marketing of padel courts all over the world. It is very important that we players can give our opinion and experience when it comes to developing a court model and turf that we feel comfortable and confident with. After all, it is our workplace and we want the best possible conditions on the court.”

In the words of the CEO of Padel Galis, Francisco Pérez Galisteo, “this agreement demonstrates our company’s commitment to the needs of professional players in the evolution of padel courts and means continuing to lead the market in innovation as padel court manufacturers.” For Padel Galis, it is strategic to incorporate players in the development and evolution of an industrial area that, to a certain extent and until now, was so alien to padel players.

“This aspect is included in the Strategic Plan that we presented at the end of 2021” – stated Pérez Galisteo – “And what better than to count on the vision of the professional players and value their observations based on hours and hours of padel practice at the highest level of demand and effectiveness, in order to design a court and turf that is safe and avoids possible injuries or, at least, reduces the seriousness of them, without reducing the dynamism, power and visibility of padel.”

Based in Valencia, Spain, Padel Galis is part of the Atitlan Group, which focuses on creating and consolidating value in the long term. Padel Galis has installed over 8,000 padel tennis courts worldwide since 2016. Fans of this racket sport play on courts built by the Valencian firm in over 50 countries worldwide, particularly in Spain, Italy, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates and Mexico, with this latter home also to the South American branch of the company. On a daily basis, innovation in products and processes are key to achieving maximum quality and excellence in the service that Padel Galis provides to its customers and also to professional players.