Padel Galis, official court of the WPT Challenger Tournament in 2022

Published On: 20/03/2022|Categories: Courts|

World leader in the manufacture and installation of padel tennis courts, Padel Galis deepened its commitment to the WPT Challenger in early 2022 when, in addition to installing both the central and additional courts with their characteristic orange lines, it also became one of the tournament’s ‘premium’ sponsors. This new agreement with the Ultimate Padel Company (UPC) was reached following the ‘notable evolution’ in the Challenger format, and represents the joint pursuit of greater visibility and renown.

Padel Galis is the world leader when it comes to manufacturing and installing padel tennis courts, and, in 2021, its distinctive orange lines decorated the official court of the World Padel Tour Challenger tournaments, as part of a contract that runs until the end of 2023. As the 2022 season got underway, it also signed a ‘premium’ sponsorship deal with the parent company, Ultimate Padel Company (UPC).

As the chief executive of the Valencian company, Francisco Jesús Pérez Galisteo, observes, “Padel Galis’s position as the leading court provider for the World Padel Tour and the WPT Challenger tournament is currently assured until the end of 2023. Amongst other things, the Challenger’s significant qualitative evolution over the course of 2021 prompted us to broaden our partnership with its organisers,” continued Pérez Galisteo. “As we launch this project as part of the renewed Challenger competition, we will of course continue to grow, learn and improve, but it also represents a significant opportunity for our brand to gain greater visibility alongside the event.”

It is this same increase in visibility that the WPT Challenger UPC has its sights on, according to its CEO, Jesús Ferrer. “The Challenger format developed extensively in 2021. Now our goal is for the tournaments to gain increased visibility, renown and recognition not only among the players, but also with padel fans and potential sponsors,” affirms Ferrer.

“We always welcome the chance to collaborate with industry leaders such as Padel Galis, which enable us to give greater prominence to what we’re doing and highlight new developments for the year to come: greater financial endowment, equality across categories, more points, better hospitality and more matches broadcast,” explains Jesús Ferrer. “Together, we hope to make padel one of the main sports practised worldwide.”

Indeed, with its premium sponsorship of the WPT Challenger, Padel Galis seeks to “continue making padel a better sport,” affirms the company’s CEO. “A significant sport on a global scale, with millions of players all over the world.”

The Valencian company, world leader in the design, manufacture and installation of padel tennis courts, initiated this expansion in 2021 via its signing of deals with strategic partners such as Fernando Belasteguín and Wilson. It also hasn’t been afraid to put its money where its mouth is, making a significant commitment to technology with the inauguration of its new factory in Valencia, which “will make it possible to make 20 courts a day and shorten supply times to around 2 to 3 weeks – a challenge which we set ourselves in 2022,” confirms Pérez Galisteo.