Padel Galis supplied the Padel Village court for the ISPO Munich

Published On: 12/12/2022|Categories: Courts|

The Valencian company – world leader in the design, manufacture and installation of padel courts, and member of the Clúster Internacional de Pádel (CIP) – set up the exhibition and product testing court in the area exclusively reserved for the sport by the largest European trade fair for the sports industry.

Padel tennis is currently undergoing a cycle of significant expansion, as evidenced by its presence at the ISPO Munich 2022, the largest trade fair for the sports industry.

ISPO Munich is one of the most important sports fairs in Europe. Following a hiatus due to the pandemic, last November 28-30th saw the German city’s return to hosting the fair, at which padel tennis was represented after a seven-year absence.

Indeed, the padel sector played a leading role with an exclusive area located in the C1 pavilion. Padel Village brought together a good number of companies, among them no less than 15 members of the Clúster Internacional de Pádel (CIP), ISPO Munich’s main ‘partner’ in terms of brand representation and their corresponding exhibitors.

As a member of CIP, Padel Galis travelled to Germany as an exhibitor to present the company’s latest products, as well as being charged with installing and setting up the exhibition and product testing court for the fair. This court occupied pride of place in the Padel Village, with the stands representing the other brands located around it.

“Our assessment is very positive, both in terms of visits and business,” confirmed Padel Galis CEO, Francisco Jesús Pérez Galisteo. “The fair represents an important opportunity for us as it is attended by professionals from countries including Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France, markets in which padel has plenty of room for development.”

During the trade fair, CIP representatives gave a brief presentation covering its two-year history and expounding its route map for the years to come. The strategic plan of the group which brings together manufacturers, producers and retailers of all kinds of materials and items necessary for practising padel or otherwise related to the sport includes: defending the professional and business interests of its affiliates before public and private bodies whether directly or indirectly connected to the sport; promoting and encouraging the playing of padel tennis worldwide; functioning as an industry catalyst, in collaboration with national and international public institutions and increasing its presence at the level of professional organisations; increasing the visibility of the sport within the industry, maintaining a presence in the majority of major international sports trade fairs, in particular those linked with the world of padel tennis, organising and participating in conferences and events that promote padel playing and the padel industry in general, etc.