Hurricane Court

The perfect court in adverse weather conditions.

It is a court designed to respond to the most challenging weather conditions and withstand the most intense wind gusts. Its solid structure is characterized by a sturdy pillar at the rear of the court, allowing the court to withstand winds of up to 260 km/h (160 mph). This pillar can be personalized with the logo or name of the club.

The perfect court in adverse weather conditions

  • Padel Galis installation equipment

    We have the best professionals for the installation process.
  • Laser cutting technology

    Designed to allow moisture to escape and prevent rust.
  • Anti-injury system

    Covered mesh to create a safe playground.
  • Certified paint

    10 years warranty for our paint by the quality certification Qualisteelcoat® C4H and C5VH, (ISO 12944).
  • High quality textured turf

    Our PG5 textured turf model.
  • Structure

    Corrosion protection that prevents rusting of the structure.

What we like most about the Hurricane Court

Wind resistance

Capable of withstanding up to 260km/h, its structure is perfect for the most adverse weather locations.

Light pole

Straight tied post to give solidity to its structure.

Stained glass pillar

Designed to strengthen its panoramic structure and increase wind resistance.

Take a look

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