Portable Padel Galis kit, or ‘how to mount your movable padel court’

Published On: 10/03/2023|Categories: Courts|

The Padel Galis portable court kit, compatible with the Valencian company’s Wilson Elite, WPT Challenger and Mundial models, enables the ‘ad hoc’ assembly of padel courts and is perfect for events, since it can be temporarily installed on different surfaces without leaving a trace. 

Padel Galis, world leader in the manufacture and assembly of padel courts, has designed, patented and marketed a new portable court kit. It is ideal for the installation of temporary courts, since its assembly in no way affects the surface it rises up from via a system of counterweights. It is also compatible with the Valencian brand’s Official Wilson Elite, Official WPT Challenger and Mundial models.

Like Meccano, it can be assembled, disassembled and moved around. With the exception of the door units, it is composed of two glass end units measuring 10m and four glass and mesh side units measuring 4m. To be specific, the rear pieces measure exactly 9.908m and the wall pieces 7.975m. They are joined by tubes measuring 8x4x0.15cm.

The end units are fixed to the ground with a 10m reinforcement. The wall units are held in place by pillars and 4m buttresses. The two end pieces have three angles, since the 10m reinforcement tube is higher than the one with which the portable kit has been built.

The same is true of the side pieces that have two angles to join with the 8×8 cm side floor reinforcement tube and two metal supports to fix to the pillars.

To add weight to this portable construction, 14 steel sheets measuring 2m long and 1cm thick are attached to it that serve to anchor it correctly and prevent the court from moving around. Three of these metal sheets attach to each of the end units with two sheets for each of the side pieces. This adds approximately 1000kg of additional weight to ensure that the court stays firmly in position.

Lastly, our portable padel court kit also includes two 150x150x1cm metal plates to be placed beneath each net pole and which serve to withstand the tension of the fabric.

A fork-lift truck is required to move the various pieces, in particular the heaviest.

As mentioned initially, the portable Padel Galis track kit is compatible with our Official Wilson Elite, Official WPT Challenger and Mundial court models.

The Official Wilson Elite padel court is the result of the union of two brands that share a great passion for the sport of padel: Wilson, a world leader in the tennis industry, and Padel Galis. The Official Wilson Elite features an exclusive design and is equipped with a panoramic glazed area with high quality reinforcements. The main structure of the court has a matte black finish while the official Wilson floodlights and glass frames have a glossy black finish for a stylish overall appearance.

The Official World Padel Tour Challenger track features high-performance reinforcements in the glazed area and Galis corner floodlights in the place of curved lighting masts. This is a court which offers maximum visibility and a panoramic design.

The Mundial padel court has a panoramic glazed area and a reinforced design that lends it a particularly robust appearance. Perfect for both indoors and outdoors, it is highly customisable to integrate seamlessly into any surroundings.

In short, with this portable Padel Galis padel tennis court, we continue to bring our clients innovative solutions that add value to our courts, always maintaining the exacting quality standards that are synonymous with our brand.