Padel Galis introduces the new court designed with the Professional Padel Players Association (PPA)   

Padel Galis and the Professional Padel Players Association (PPA) have worked together to develop a new court concept that has become a reality. The Spanish manufacturer, led by its chief engineer, Jaume Molina, and the collective of players, represented by its vice president, José Carlos Gaspar, have successfully created a court format with significant improvements. [...]

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1 month, 4 World Padel Tour tournaments, and almost 7.000 km travelled

In just one month, Padel Galis has assembled and disassembled the courts that have hosted the tournaments in Alicante, Vigo, Copenhagen, and Marbella.  A unique challenge that only Padel Galis could accomplish. Padel Galis, a world leader in the design, manufacture, and installation of padel courts continues to set the bar high in the sector. [...]

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The new Padel Galis Huracán court can withstand winds of up to 260 km/h

The new Huracán courts from Padel Galis are able to withstand hurricane winds of up to 260 km/h, according to calculations based on Eurocode. Padel Galis, a world leader in the design, manufacture and installation of padel courts is launching its new Huracán model on the market. As its name suggests, this new court is [...]

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Padel Galis takes part in a padel industry presentation in Tokyo

Thanks to PPJ (ProPadel Japan Inc.), distributor of Padel Galis courts in Japan, the world-leading company in the design and manufacture of courts took part in a padel industry presentation in the Spanish embassy in Tokyo at the start of April. On 4th April, Tokyo's Spanish embassy held a presentation about the padel industry in [...]

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Padel Galis signs the biggest set-up in the history of professional padel tournaments

The Valencian company transported around 48 tonnes of elements and construction material to the Nasrid capital, and sent more than 20 people over two weeks to assemble and maintain the 5 courts that hosted the Cervezas Victoria Granada Open. The WPT Granada Open, the first event of the new Open 1000 format of the World [...]

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Padel Galis, centre of the Padel Italia X-Perience Rome trade fair

Two months after the first major trade fair event held in Milan with padel as the star of the show, the transalpine capital, Rome, hosted the Padel Italy X-Perience, the "biggest Italian trade fair" for padel. It took place at Nuova Fiera di Roma. For 3 days, from 10th to 12th March, tens of thousands [...]

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Padel Galis: protagonist of the Padel Trend Expo Milan 2023

At the first fair dedicated entirely to padel in Italy, the Valencian company had a stand and set up its Wilson Elite court where different activities and exhibitions took place. On the weekend of 13th-15th January, the first sports fair dedicated solely to padel, Padel Trend Expo 2023, was held in Milan, very close to [...]

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Padel Galis and the PPA will design and develop a new court model

The players of the Professional Padel Association will be the ones who, based on their experience, will advise Padel Galis on the creation of a new court and a new official PPA turf. A few weeks ago, the world leader in the design, manufacture and installation of Padel Galis courts and the Professional Padel Association [...]

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Padel Galis, first manufacturer and official installer of the RPP

With a particular focus on the United States, the Valencian company - global leader in the design, manufacture and installation of padel courts - and the RPP will work together to promote the building of padel courts and training of coaches as well as spreading the word about this racket sport. In December 2022, Padel [...]

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