Mindspring Padel and Padel Galis launch global partnership to accelerate the integration of Padel Courts at Tennis Clubs

Published On: 28/02/2024|Categories: Corporate, Recent|

A dynamic partnership to enable Tennis Clubs to seamlessly integrate Padel into their ecosystem.

Mindspring Padel, a global leader in risk-free financing for Padel court construction at Tennis Clubs, announced today a multi-year partnership with the world leader in Padel court technology and manufacturing, Padel Galis.  This dynamic partnership is the latest step in Mindspring Padel’s ambition to accelerate the integration of Padel into the local Tennis Club environment all around the world.

Recently founded by a team of highly experienced sports senior executives, Mindspring Padel believes that the timing is just right for Tennis Clubs to begin integrating Padel into their club environment. With the benefits of strengthening membership and expanding revenues, the introduction of Padel represents a proven path for Tennis Clubs to expand their relevance and role in the community.

Mindspring Padel’s sees its role in this expansion primarily through 100% risk-free financing of padel court construction for Tennis clubs. This is complimented with a turn-key offering to the Tennis Clubs, including a digital platform for court booking, membership administration and camera integration, in addition to padel court construction and general advising to ensure a seamless and successful integration of Padel.

Craig Thompson, Chairman of Mindspring Padel: “I’ve always been a big believer in the Tennis Club community as a fertile ground to introduce Padel. These are complimentary sports and many Tennis Clubs are looking for new avenues to refresh and expand their membership. But to launch such an endeavor, I also understand the importance of great partnerships, dating back to my days building the initial model for the UEFA Champions League.  And today, we’re ecstatic to announce our partnership with Padel Galis as they are the ideal partner to accompany us on this journey.”

As part of Mindspring Padel’s turnkey offering to Tennis Clubs, court construction will be critical. And the Valencia-based court manufacturer, Padel Galis, is uniquely positioned in this role having already build courts in over 90 countries. They also tout multiple state-of-the-art court models and boast a global sales & support team.