Padel Galis introduces the new court designed with the Professional Padel Players Association (PPA)   

Published On: 18/10/2023|Categories: News, Padel courts|

Padel Galis and the Professional Padel Players Association (PPA) have worked together to develop a new court concept that has become a reality. The Spanish manufacturer, led by its chief engineer, Jaume Molina, and the collective of players, represented by its vice president, José Carlos Gaspar, have successfully created a court format with significant improvements. Some of the most notable changes include:

• Evolution in the mesh area design: the traditional mesh cover is removed to improve ball bounce uniformity and player safety by eliminating possible entanglements.

• The ultra-panoramic version provides maximum visibility for spectators, both in the stadium and during audiovisual broadcasts.

• Net posts may have a specific compartment for ball storage.

• Implementation of an innovative perimeter LED lighting system that allows uniform visibility across the entire playing area and an estimated 50% energy consumption reduction.

For the production of this new court, Padel Galis has partnered with Planet Power, a company specializing in lighting with over 30 years of experience. According to its CEO, Alfonso Martínez, “since we presented the initial versions of the luminaires during tests at the G6 Padel club in Santander, we’ve worked with Padel Galis to achieve the final result, of which we are very proud.”

José Carlos Gaspar, a professional player and vice president of the PPA, highly values the initiative and the achieved result: “From the beginning of the project, in collaboration with Padel Galis, we have successfully addressed the needs identified by players in competition. Teamwork has resulted in an innovative court that truly enhances the gaming experience and ensures the safety of paddle tennis players.”

For Jaume Molina, the engineer at Padel Galis in charge of development, the final product represents a milestone in several aspects: “We have managed to address clear needs in the practice of this sport while providing significant cost savings for paddle tennis clubs through efficient and sustainable measures.”

In this way, the Spanish manufacturer Padel Galis reaffirms its commitment to innovation and efficiency after eighteen years of developing padel tennis courts for professionals.