Padel Galis, manufacturer of the official Wilson Elite court

Published On: 10/11/2022|Categories: Courts|

The new court was launched to market last November with the name Wilson Elite, and resulted from a strategic deal signed in 2022 between Padel Galis and Wilson Sporting Goods prior to the Valencian company’s entry to the U.S. market.   

Wilson Sporting Goods and Padel Galis signed an agreement in October 2022 to build, market and install the Wilson Elite court worldwide, with a particular focus on the United States.

The deal gives Padel Galis, world leader in the design, construction and installation of padel courts, exclusive commercial rights over the Wilson Elite court. Launched to market last November, the court was designed in collaboration with Wilson.

“Padel tennis is a priority for Wilson as we seek to expand our global reach,” explained Ignacio Cabrera, Global Business Director for Wilson Padel. “We are delighted to join forces with Padel Galis to make padel accessible to all players and sports fans.”

Padel Galis had already presented Wilson as a strategic partner in December 2021, fundamental to the development of its plans for growth. “This agreement, along with Wilson’s established influence, will enable us to consolidate our position as world leader in the manufacture and installation of padel tennis courts, and move forward in our aim of promoting this racket sport as a socially transformative force for good,” affirmed Fran Galisteo, CEO of Padel Galis. “Wilson shares Padel Galis’s objective to grow padel as a global sport.”

Based in Valencia, Spain, Padel Galis is part of the Atitlan Group, which invests in various sectors with the aim of creating and consolidating value in the long term. The Valencian company is the world leader when it comes to the design, manufacture and installations of padel tennis courts. Since 2016, it has build more than 8,000 padel courts in over fifty countries worldwide. It has been the sole official supplier of the World Padel Tour since 2020. Innovation in both product and processes lies at the company’s core: every day Padel Galis strives for the highest levels of quality and excellence at the service of the client.

A subsidiary of Amer Sports Corporation, Wilson Sporting Goods Co. is based in Chicago and is a leading manufacturer of high performance sports equipment, clothing, bags and accessories. In addition to designing and creating, the company forms partnerships with similar entities to create industry-leading products with the intention of capturing market share in new territories. With more than a century’s experience in the world of sport, Wilson empowers athletes of all levels to give nothing but their very best.