PadelGalis, official court of the World Padel Tour

Published On: 29/01/2020|Categories: Courts|

The Valencian company is a world leader in the construction of padel tennis courts and supplier on the professional circuit since 2020.

A world leader in the construction of padel tennis courts, Padel Galis began its expansion three years ago with the 2020 World Padel Tour.  The Valencian company won the contract to manufacture and install the official World Padel Tour Special Edition court for the professional circuit.

Designed to host the best padel players from all around the world, the WPT Special Edition represents a unique opportunity to experience this sport at the highest level. Its totally panoramic rear and side walls make it the perfect court for TV broadcasts and streaming, not to mention of course watching the match from the edge of the court.

Standardised by World Padel Tour, the court is marketed worldwide so that amateur players can enjoy this sport in the same conditions as the professionals. Indeed, it has become the best seller in Padel Galis’s catalogue, both nationally and abroad.

Both its indoor and outdoor incarnations feature rear walls made of glass and two-metre corners measuring 3 metres high and 12 millimetres thick, sealed with silicone. The panoramic areas have both upper and lower 100 x 100 tubes, with mesh zones featuring 50x50x4 mm electrowelded reinforcement and anti-injury system.

The lawn is textured monofilament fibre to ensure the best grip possible without obstructing players’ movements. It offers maximum consistency in both corner and vertical rebounds, before and after impact with the glass. All the system’s filaments are made of 100% polyethylene (PE) and are lubricated to minimise risks of abrasion when players fall and slip during play.

Notably, the four lighting masts of the official World Padel Tour Special Edition courts are curved, with each featuring 3 8x180W LED spotlights, making a total of 12. They are installed at a strategic angle of 45º to the side wall, rising from the corners of the court and leaving ball exit unimpeded over the 3-metre zone, such that the ball never strikes a lighting mast when the players serve the ball x3.