Padel Galis received significant funding from Atitlan

Published On: 16/06/2021|Categories: Courts|

World leader in the design, manufacture and installation of padel courts, Padel Galis received significant funding from Atitlan, an investment fund managed by Roberto Centeno, in 2021. This was used to finance a new production plant and rise to the challenge of manufacturing 400 courts a month, with delivery times previously unheard of in the industry.

In 2021, Padel Galis received significant funding from the Valencian investment fund, Atitlan. This economic support represented a decisive boost for the Valencian company, world leader in the design and manufacture of padel courts and sports facilities, enabling it to swiftly implement the planned construction of a new production plant.

The new plant will enable Padel Galis to rise to the challenge of making 20 courts a day, and in turn supply them to buyers in a ‘super-reduced’ time frame with respect to the industry average. This production volume along with a new sales strategy based on manufacture with express delivery stands to boost and revolutionise even further, if possible, the growth of padel and its ecosystem.

The new production plant will moreover create jobs in the Valencian Community and boost Spanish exports to countries in all five continents.

This investment represents a first foray into the sports industry for Atitlan, the fund managed by Roberto Centeno and Aritza Rodero, demonstrating a decisive commitment to the growth of this sport worldwide. Operating principally in Spain and Portugal and established in 2005, the Atitlan investment group’s portfolio constituted approximately €800m at the time of its investment in Padel Galis. With an investment strategy based on the creation and consolidation of value in the long term, Atitlan focuses on projects involving tried and tested business models and top-tier management teams, generally involving family businesses.

As is the case with Padel Galis of course. Born in 2005 and incorporated as Padel Galis in 2014 in Silla, Valencia, the company now has over 80 employees and a turnover, in 2020, of €20m. Industry leader in the manufacture of padel courts, it has manufactured approximately 8,000 courts since 2016, installing them in more than 50 countries on all five continents.

It also has a branch based in Mexico. Its catalogue of services notably includes the design, manufacture and installation of ‘turnkey’ padel courts, including any civil engineering necessary, maintenance and repairs. Five models of court are available: the official WPT Special Edition, WPT Challenger and Wilson Elite courts, and the Ultrapanoramic, Mundial and Pro One courts.

Since 2020, Padel Galis has been the official supplier for the professional padel circuit World Padel Tour, providing the official courts for both Open and Master competitions, as well as for the WPT Challenger tests (2021). Thanks to the backing from Atitlan, the Valencian company aims to be manufacturing 400 courts a month by the end of this season, doubling its turnover in the coming years.